WARNING! This photo will probably make you want to have a panic attack because it's bright and busy and very confusing. So if you're prone to panicking or convulsions don't look at it. IF you're trying to figure out the caption, it says: Coming Soon: Screwed! Post feminist movement modern day spinster with Wingman (aka uncommitted deusch).

American gothic

Clearly I have post feminist movement issues. I mean I could be chilling in the hizhous baking cookies and waiting on the roast, but NOOooooo, the feminists in the sixties who condemned us from their cushy couches at home, decided we should add work, overtime, babies, tightrope walking, juggling and performing miracles to the list in addition to consequent divorce leading to single motherhood and probably women overtaking the world under the guise of world peace and killing off the rest of the male population in the year 3000. But something will go awry as it always does, which will more than likely result in the accidental offsetting of the world's largest nuclear bomb and that my friends is probably how the planet is going to explode with us on it. Thank-you feminists!